Online classes are done via the Zoom app, you can enjoy a range of different sessions with Helen using various pieces of equipment that can be purchased from the website (see shop).

Online classes are sold in blocks of 4 weeks, classes are broadcast live and you can join as many as you like in a month plus unlimited use of video recordings!

Please remember that with any online content (livestream classes or video) I cannot see you to adjust you or recommend modifications.  If you have any medical issues please consult your GP before starting.

By performing classes without supervision, you are performing them at your own risk.  Core and More will not be held responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain to yourself whilst taking part in these classes or videos shared on the website.

A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) will be emailed to NEW clients upon booking, please complete and return to

You only need a mat for the "basic mat" classes but please use a small block or folded towel under your head if you need it for good neck alignment in exercises where you are lying on your back (please remove for shoulder bridge as we do in class).  If you have a resistance band or Magic Circle these can be incorporated into the stretches.


The personal data provided in the PARQ is solely for the purposes of the delivery of safe participation in Core and More Pilates or other sessions and will not be shared with any other party.

Zoom Weekly Timetable 2022
*timetable may be subject to change (check notices on bank holiday)

**equipment needed (pls contact me for more information on what is required)


7.00am – Fab Abs (30 mins) (alternate weeks with Abso-glutely Fabulous)

7.30pm – Runners/Intermediate (45 mins)* - Resistance band (or towel helpful for stretches) (3rd Jan starts 6pm)


7.00am – Light weights and resistance Band (long/loop) (30 mins)**


6:30am – Stretch & Mobility class (30 mins) -  Resistance band (or towel helpful for stretches)

7.00am - Magic Circle - Total body workout (30 mins)**


7.00am – Fusion Pilates - soft ball (30 mins)**

7.30am – Beginners/Improvers Pilates (30 mins)


7:00am – Pilates HIIT  (trainers/band/ball may be required) (30 mins)